Baby Spray

Baby Spray

Baby Spray

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Introducing Baby Spray!

✔️ Get your little angel excited when he get to the shower with Baby Spray.

✔️ Now they'll look forward to taking baths on their own!

✔️ No more crying babies on their way to the bathroom.


Sprays Water Gently To Calm Your Baby

 ✔️ Once placed on the water, Baby Spray will automatically suck up water from the bottom and spray water out of the top like elephants do!

✔️ Baby Spray makes every bath exciting when shooting water like a sprinkler

✔️ The only toy your little angel will use while bathing.


Bathe Them Easily And Gently

✔️ The little droplets makes it easy to bathe your baby while also making it a fun experience for them.

✔️ No more using the big shower heads to bathe your angel.

✔️ Baby Spray makes bathing a fun and calming experience for both parent and child.



✔️ Waterproof & safe for babies to play with during bath time. 

✔️ The battery box is equipped with high-grade sealed silicone to prevent leakage.

✔️  The Sprayer itself is made of high-quality, durable ABS material.

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