Cacoon Fan

Cacoon Fan

Cacoon Fan

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Too cold on the couch? Too toasty by the wood heater?

Well, you can fix that problem of uneven heat across the room by placing the Cocoon Fan on your stove, so the heat from and around your stove is pushed outwards around the room.


Overheating protection

The in-built bi-metallic strip at the base of the stove fan is designed to raise the edge of the fan slightly as the maximum operating temperature is approached to protect the motor

How Does It Work?

Since hot air rises, most of the heat from your stove simply escapes directly above and gets lost. That means you aren’t feeling the full benefit of your stove. 

Stop Letting The Heat Get Away!

As your fireplace puts out heat, it immediately goes up. well no more! Cacoon Fan will blow It back at you providing a nice warming heat that makes you want to cuddle all night long.


Does It Require Power?

Using the Cocoon Fan is the most economical way to effectively circulate warm air. It uses no batteries so it can be used where there is no electricity. The heat of the stove is conducted through the base of the fan and converted into ‘free’ electricity which powers the fan motor. 


Creates A Nice Warm Breeze For The Perfect Temperature!

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