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Introducing iCarry!

✔️ A portable home for your kitty that can be used anywhere.

✔️ A MUST HAVE for on-the-go cat lovers.

✔️ Never worry about leaving your precious little kitty alone ever again.

It's time to ditch your old pet cage!

✔️ Do you like camping, hiking, and adventures?

✔️ This backpack allows you to bring your pet with you!

✔️ The backpack is also amazing for public transport & veterinarian appointment.

Why is this bag better than all the others?

    ✔️ iCarry is suitable for several kittens, 2 cats or a large cat (Maine coon breed)

    ✔️ Several ventilation spaces allow your pet to enjoy the trip completely safely.

    ✔️ Adjustable and comfortable straps with chest strap & a mini harness inside for added safety.

    Take Your Kitty Out To Explore Nature

    ✔️ Never leave the house without your pet ever again!

    ✔️ iCarry changes the game for any outdoor activity you want your cat to participate in.

    ✔️ Experience adventures together or simply enjoy a nice picnic outside, iCarry got you covered.

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