InstaShot- The Laser Slingshot

InstaShot- The Laser Slingshot

InstaShot- The Laser Slingshot

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Trying To Work On Your Accuracy?

Introducing InstaShot the first-ever laser slingshot to hit every target and let you practice the art of shooting.

Discover the awesome feeling of hitting a target from far away with nothing but your sense of accuracy and a slingshot.



Meet The Hottest Gadget Of Summer 2021

Our Laser Slingshot is one of 2021's coolest gadgets.

Whether you're shooting targets, hunting, or making awesome videos, our slingshots are guaranteed to perform and impress.


Poor Quality=Poor Shots

 Our high-quality tier metal will ensure a good hand grip while maintaining its magnificent blue color handle for maximum aesthetics and comfort at the same time!


Nighttime? We've Got Your Back!

With our one-of-a-kind patent laser, you can rest assure to hit your target every single time and on any occasion, especially during the night where there is little to no light.

Simply turn on the laser and adjust your aim to the desired target and shoot as you were, and you will be amazed.



 Adjust Your Laser To Hit From Far Away

Our multicolor beam can adjust so you know how far you hit your target and allow you to test your skills to their limits.

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