Absorption™- Washer Resistance Pads

Absorption™- Washer Resistance Pads

Absorption™- Washer Resistance Pads

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introducing Absorption™

Little things make a BIG differenceAbsorption™ will ensure your washing machine will stop cracking the floor and making noises around the house.


  Stability, Quiet & Durability! 

With Absorption™ you'll lock your washer in place making it significantly quieter and also guarding it against scratches or getting rust underneath! 



People are going crazy over Absorption™. Made to keep your washing machine nice and neat while canceling its noise


The Research Speaks For Itself- Based Washing Machines Last Longer

Use your washing machine to the fullest and invest in the best insurance there is using Absorption™ to extend the washer's lifetime in less than $25


Absorption™ Has The Perfect Pads For Any Furniture Around The House!

Use Absorption™ to make your furniture last longer and more secure.

Clean Easly and Efficiently Without A Problem

With Absorption™ you can easily clean under all furniture in a jiffy without lifting it and breaking your back every time you clean the house.




Worried About The Floors Material? We've Got You!

Absorption™ works on any floor no matter the case. just slide in under to witness its magic.

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